TJ | Jerusalem Faith Equities

A project by Terrestrial Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Faith Equities project documents the sites, denominations, and events of Jerusalem, and their intricate inter-relations.

The system contains data about 708 sites, and their 38 usages by various denominations. 2110 site groups, with 6 interrelations between them: Operational: 569 groups, Denominational: 216 groups, Heritage: 84 groups, Liturgy: 393 groups, Ritual: 396 groups, Routes: 452 groups.
30 Routes between sites.

Map of Sites

Map of notable sites of religious, civil, or historic importance

Hover over sites to highlight related sites. Click to see site details.

Important Sites

Notable sites of religious, civil, or historic importance. A searchable list, click a site to view its details.


Holidays and other notable dates in Jerusalem

Site/Denominations Relations

Interactive visualization, showing how sites relate to denominations, and how denomination relate to each other.


Routes between sites in the Holy Basin.

Denomination Tree

A grouped, interactive tree, displaying the hierarchy of all the denominations in Jerusalem