The Pillar of Mohammed עמוד מוחמד


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This stone pillar is installed on the Old City wall, on the outer eastern side of the Temple Mount/ Haram al-Sharif and adjacent to the Golden Gate. Muslim narrative notes that this is the spot in which the prophet will sit to view the al-Sahira valley and pass judgment over the resurrected on Judgment Day.

site Interrelations

There is a connection between this pillar and other ‘Mythological Pillars’ spread
throughout the Old City and surrounding area. Each has developed a different tradition (usually a
Christian tradition), noting its historical narrative which was preserved by believers until this very
day. See – ‘Pillar of Betrayal’ (site no. 433) in Gethsemane, the Cardo pillars in stations 7+8 of the
Via Dolorosa (sites no. 280-282), the pillar in the Holy Sepulcher (site no. 242) in the Catholic wing
(tradition has it that it is where the Romans places Jesus before the crucifixion), Damascus
Gate/Bab al-Amud (site no.9), Pillar of Goliath/Finger of Og (site no. 500.02) in the Russian
Compound. In addition, the arch supporting pillars in the complex surrounding the Dome of the
Rock (sites no. 670 – 677) are called “al-Mizan” = the scale, which according to tradition, will weigh
the good and bad deeds of the resurrected on Judgment Day.


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