Madrasa al Hanbaliyya מדרסה חנבלייה


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The Madrasa was established in 1380 AD (781 to the Hijri) and was named after the Amir Sayf alDin
al-Khwarizmi Badadmour. The Amir died in 1375 AD (777 to the Hijri), before the construction
was completed. The Madrasa consists of two floors and a courtyard. It is built according to the
typical Mamluk model with decorative stone details. On each side of the entrance is a stone bench.
Following the entrance is a corridor, which leads to an open courtyard surrounded by several
rooms. In the south of the iwan is a large niche that contains beautiful decorative works. On the
second floor is a cluster of private rooms which, in the past, was used by teachers and students of
the Madrasa. After the Madrasa closed its doors, the building was turned into a residential complex.
Sheikh Ali Tziz acquired the building in 1954 and since then it served as his private family home –
Dar Aziz. It is located on 6 Sha'ar ha-Barzel St. (‘Bab al Hadid’ – site no. 591), on the corner of
Hosh Dudu, on the portion of the street beneath a vaulted cover.

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